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How I flew to Asia and back for $532.23

June 4th, 2017

First off thanks for anyone who has been reading these , I’m not necessarily sure what the end goal for these little blog posts is but I have enjoyed sharing my insights on travel non-the-less, this one is a little bit more on the complex side but I assure you it’s not that bad !!

So the first thing I decided when the idea came to me that I should go to Asia is that I was going to sell my camera body and upgrade to a new brand and model, this may not sound relevant now but it will make more sense as I progress.

I went ahead and opened an American Express Delta Sky Miles credit card , with a bonus of 30,000 sky miles after spending 1,000 U.S dollars , 30,000 miles will get me across the ol Pacific Ocean no problem . If any of you want I can send you a referral link for this offer and I will get a bonus 5,000 miles or something if you sign up! There are multiple other airlines who offer different deals just like delta.

I opened the account and sold my previous camera gear, then I purchased the new camera gear on my fancy new American Express card, and payed it off within 3 business days. Soon enough I had enough sky miles to book that one way flight to Korea , and I also had a credit card with a balance of $0.00 that won’t negatively affect my credit score.

After traveling for a few weeks, I kept my eyes peeled for any deals back to the U.S , within a fairly flexible time zone. Using websites such as www.skyscanner.com and www.google.com/flights I eventually found a cheap flight for 532.23 USD all the way back to the States ! I booked it and the rest was history.

And thats all she wrote !